7 Vital Tips You Need to Know About Product Images.

The main product image (or hero image) plays a vital part in the two key phases on Amazon – the discovery of your product and the purchase phase.

This main product image can greatly influence a person to click on your listing when it appears in the Amazon results pages (SERPs).


Images matter and great images help get you noticed, so let’s look at 7 ways you can improve yours!

Images affect CTR. The impact of the main product image should not be under estimated as it can affect the click through rate (CTR)and help attract a customer’s attention.

By improving the CTR on the results pages you send positive signals to Amazon’s Algorithm that the product is a good match for a search term. If you use Sponsored Ads an improved or high CTR can also benefit you paid search campaigns.

Stick to the rules. On the technical side, Amazon recommends that at least 85% of the space for the main image is filled by the image and it’s important that the main image is presented on a white background. Ensure it looked clean, sharp and eye-catching.

Crop as tight as possible. Avoid leaving too much space around the side of the image. You want your product to appear as large as possible and jump out in the Amazon search listings or when its used for Sponsored Ads.

Make em sharp. If you use Photoshop then try working with the ‘Sharpen’ tool to get your image to ‘pop’ and stand out more than your competitors.  Remember great images can help with conversion too.

Use supporting images. When a user clicks through to a product page (or ASIN as Amazon calls them), Amazon permits the use of additional supporting images. Use the full allowance of supporting images where you can.

Go big. Amazon likes high-resolution images too. Customers are offered an image zoom feature if the uploaded images are large enough, so ensure your images are at least 1000px in size on the shortest length to make them zoom.

Look professional. Create professional looking images. Think about hiring a product photographer or get well-designed computer generated (CG) photo-realistic images made so your images look awesome. Remember, getting the best images possible for your Amazon product can really pay dividends if they help achieve better click-through rates and a higher sales conversion.

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