Picking a Good Product to Sell on Amazon

Watch the video lesson below

This is the place to begin, Because identifying products that your business can private label is one
of the most important steps in building a profitable Amazon business. A reasonable amount of time
should be spent in this research stage to find the right product. Be thorough, but work quickly!

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In this video we’re going to look at 7 qualities of a good product to sell on Amazon.

1. A product you can private label
Sounds ‘captain obvious’ but by private labeling you become the brand.
This can offer better profit margins plus you can start to control and optimise your Amazon page!

2. Something you can sell for £10 – £25
Why this price? Well its an approximate sweet spot for pricing a product where it can become an impulse buy,
and also offer a decent revenue if you sell say 20 or 30 a day.

3. Smaller is (usually) better
Smaller products are easier to ship and store. This applies whether you store in-house or use Amazon FBA.
Smaller items are generally less hassle.

4. Easy to post and lightweight
Small, lightweight products help make delivery simple and keep postage costs down.

5. Difficult to break
This can help when it comes to shipping and delivery.
You’re less likely to get complaints about damaged items.

6. Cheap to produce
Advantageous for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it reduces headache if an item gets damaged as it’s simple to offer a refund.
Secondly low cost items allow you to do more offers and giveaways.
This can open doors that may not be possible for high ticket items.

7. Demand without huge competition
Try and ensure there’s sufficient demand in the niche but also pick one without excessive competition.
If you’re going to need 300 reviews to try and rank on page one for your keywords, then that might be too much competition!

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