ZERO to 100 Sales a day on Amazon in 3 months

How a small eCommerce business recently learned to dominate on Amazon!

(Reading time approx. 3 minutes).


Back in the Summer of 2015 I had a chance meeting with a John Sollars of SolarTec, a successful online eCommerce company based in central England. 

They’d been super-successful at ranking well in their niche on Google using SEO for over a decade. During this time, the company had nurtured a hard-working team of around a dozen staff.

Some managed the website marketing, whilst others handled orders and fulfilment from a large modern warehouse.

I was shown around the company and something that struck me was that it was a very well run machine. I wasn’t hugely surprised to hear that it turned over a few million pounds a year.

Yet when we got talking about Amazon, I was SHOCKED at what I heard…

It went a little bit like this…

Gareth (AmzPro):
“So what about Amazon, are you using it much yet?”



js_headshot_smJohn (SolarTec): “We just can’t make it work. We’ve tried it with a few products but can’t compete. The products just don’t sell, so we’ve sort of given up”.


I’d researched their Amazon market and I saw there was huge potential…

We sat down and I shared some data which quickly explained why I was so optimistic.

 I let John know that I firmly believed SolarTec could be making hundreds of thousands of pounds (or more) in new revenue each year IF they could start launching private label products.

That day we shook hands and made an agreement, and so began a 90-day plan to turn around the business on Amazon.

So what did we do?

We began by researching keywords and discovering the best products to sell in the niche.

We opted to launch smaller products – ones that were easy to deliver, hard to break and had a proven high demand on Amazon.

Next time was spent on listings and here the AMCROSE method was implemented…

Product pages were optimised with Amazon in mind, whilst thinking about what would convert AND how the listing could get good results in the Amazon SERPs.

A NEW process was established to ensure all product images were of a high standard so they could achieve a high Click Through Rate (CTR) and CONVERT visitors.

Next we worked on getting product REVIEWS and setting up an automated follow-up system.

Finally, we went to work on Sponsored Ads.

What was the result?

Sales began to shoot up, and some products attracted scores of sales!

The hard work began to pay off…

The turnover gradually increased into the tens of thousands a month.

However, EXPECT to encounter competition and to overcome this you need to work SMART.

Knowing how to approach a campaign, having a clear proven process and targets are vital, but also big WINS usually follow this pattern.

#1 There was a big DESIRE to make Amazon work as a sales channel and the CEO and staff were COMMITTED to the project.

#2 We were quickly able to launch a handful of private label products.

#3 The initial market analysis and testing provided solid business GOALS to aim at.

#4 We IMPLEMENTED changes that had the MASSIVE effect on sales. The in-house team took ACTION on the advice that was given.

#5 Once a proven process was in place and working, we SCALED OUT to work on other products.

Here are some parting words from John Sollars company director at SolarTec:

js_headshot_sm“Over a period of several years I’ve struggled to understand how to make money on Amazon. Gareth at AmzPro opened my eyes… for the first time I’m able to think that there is a future for us selling in the Amazon Marketplace. This experience has driven our customer service to the next level.  But remember…if you’re serious about making money on Amazon, then you’ve got to be serious about providing a top notch service!”

Amz Pro helps private label sellers win on Amazon. If you’d like to speak to us about working with your Amazon business then get in touch here.